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Car Battery Price in Dubai

Car Battery Price

Taking care of car battery is important since it is the heart of your vehicle and it also maintains the electrical health of your car. Similarly, the brand you choose for your car is crucial because batteries are comparable with others in terms of efficiency.

800-FLAT – The Battery Guys, are expert in analyzing the condition of your car’s battery and explain you the different feature such as battery’s life, its amp hours, and charge amount remaining. The selection of batteries is dependent on the model or brand of a car, so when you are looking for a purchase you need to know which one will work best for you.

Only a few manufacturers are present at the time, and each brand differs in quality. Also, cheap batteries are never a good option. They can cause performance failure and could cause defects in long run. 800-FLAT offers a huge range of high quality car battery price in Dubai.

How to Choose the Best Car Battery in Dubai

How do you select the right battery for your car? If you don’t know much about the model you are driving or the vehicle manual is difficult to understand, call 800-FLAT today.


A group size follows an industry-standard that indicates battery’s actual, physical size which is suitable for a car (height x width x length). It also includes polarity as well (the positive and negative battery posts on the battery).

The standard battery size, especially when designing a car or any other vehicle, makes things easier for vehicle manufacturers. The group sizes give a simplified idea of industry standard best suited for automotive batteries, this also reduces costs. At 800-FLAT, you can find the suited group battery size.


The Battery Guys can help you find the right battery type.

  • Wet/Flooded

Most popular type and available at affordable price. The flooded battery is designed by using freely suspended plates. These plates are insulated from one another and the negative is entirely sealed within a separator bag. The fluid lasts till the battery dies. Wet/flooded batteries range from $50 to hundreds of dollars depending on the type of brand.

  • Calcium-Calcium Battery

This battery uses calcium alloy on different charged plates. This calcium lowers the amount of fluid loss and slower the rate of self-discharge. The drawback of this type is that it can cause serious damage if overcharged. Calcium-calcium battery is offered under $100.

  • VRLA

The VRLA is abbreviated for Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery. As the name suggests, the safety valves are all well pressurized. Two main designs of VRLA battery are GEL or AGM. The silicon in GEL battery makes the acid extra solid just like a gel. This type of battery can cost $100 to $250. The glass matt in AGM battery are very thin and keeps internal resistance at low. AGM batteries range $50 to $300 depending on the brand.

  • Lithium Ion Battery

These are used primarily for electric vehicles that are much lighter and provide a more fuel efficient vehicle. Lithium Ion is much expensive starting at $1,000.

Testing Vehicle Batteries Annually in UAE– A great Idea

While most of today’s batteries can give you a maintenance free ride, it is always best to be cautious and have your car’s battery load tested annually by a professional mechanic in Dubai. When your car battery is dead for whatever reason, 800-FLAT expert technicians will come to where the vehicle is located, check the status of the battery using the most updated electronic battery.